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Carnage is Street Machine's YouTube show! Hosted by Scott Taylor, with videography by Matt Hull, Carnage follows Scotty's adventures as a self-taught mechanic having fun modifying cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scotty began creating car videos in the pre-digital days, but his first YouTube channel was Scotty's Garage

The very first Carnage project car was Turbo Taxi! It started life as a very high mile Melbourne taxi, complete with rubber floor mats and that genuine taxi smell. Scotty retained the LPG system and has been chasing a ten-second timeslip ever since! Check it out here

So far, the quickest car in the Carnage workshop is our Barra-powered Mazda MX-5, dubbed Lightning McBarra with a PB of 9.26-seconds at 142mph. Watch it do its thing here

In the early days of Carnage, Scotty filmed and edited the whole thing himself! Since then, he's had many talented people work on the show, but special mention should go to Matt Reekie, who edited the show all the way from New York City for a long time. You can see some of his other work here.

But these days, Melbourne-based videographer Matt Hull shoots and edits most of the show. You can check out Mattys' own channel, The Nugget Project, here.

Mazda MX5 twin turbo V8 Carnage 9 nw