Tesla to start EV repair service in Australia

Tesla is aiming to integrate more car accident repairs in-house, in a seemingly Apple-esque move to bypass third-party technicians and ‘right to repair’

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Tesla will soon launch an accident repair service in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, as it seeks to integrate more after-sales work in-house.


  • Tesla to offer in-house accident repair services
  • Will launch in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
  • A step towards after-sales ‘vertical integration’

Dubbed ‘Tesla Collision’, the electric vehicle and technology company is currently hiring a host of roles to perform “full structural repair in addition to light collision” works on the Model 3 sedan, Model S liftback, and Model X SUV (strangely the role descriptions don’t list the Model Y crossover).

Judging by the position descriptions, it’ll likely cover cosmetic repairs or replacements to the body panels, interior trim, suspension parts, radiators, airbags and other internal structural components.

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Wheels has contacted Tesla Australia for further information on the scope of the Collision Centres.

Currently, Tesla servicing centres can already perform “light collision repairs” on parts such as bumpers, wing mirrors, wheels, glass, and the tailgate.

More extensive repairs are currently being carried out by third-party Tesla-approved Collision Centres across the nation.

Unlike other carmakers, Tesla doesn’t tend to disclose its repair documentation nor supply its parts to any third-party technician, but could be forced to under new ‘right to repair laws’.

The launch of Tesla Collision Centres aims to fully-integrate the after-sales process for owners and seems to be a step towards Tesla Insurance, which is already available in the US using its data collection sensors to determine a safety score and coverage premium.

A total of 2226 Tesla Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUVs were sold in Australia last year – dominating the full EV sales charts by a fair margin, despite the growing competition from the launch of the BYD Atto 3, Polestar 2 and Kia EV6.

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Where are the Tesla Collision Centres?

At launch, the Tesla repair centres will be located at the three most populous capital cities in Australia.

They all seem to be at or near its delivery warehouse centres.

Tesla owners can schedule an appointment via the Tesla smartphone app and selecting ‘Collision & Glass Repair’ – though the company states, “Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be referred to an alternate location.”


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