Win the Toyzuki

The coolest rig at the Brisbane 4x4 Show could be yours

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One of the most talked about cars on show at the Brisbane 4x4 show in March was this cute-as Suzuki Jimny, which has been meticulously crafted to resemble a miniature Land Cruiser.

There have been countless Jimny look-a-likes created since the JB74 model was launched, most of these out of Japan. They have given the diminutive Jimny the look of Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens, Land Rover Defenders, Ford Broncos and even classic LJ Suzukis of the past.

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To put more of an Australian spin on the little 4x4, the guys at Maxtrax teamed up with some of the biggest businesses in the 4x4 aftermarket industry to give this Jimny the look of a 79 Series double-cab Cruiser, complete with custom barwork, suspension, body chop and custom canopy. They even painted it in Toyota Sandy Taupe and integrated a shortened 70 Series bonnet vent into the Jimny hood.

The team did such a great job of the transformation that from 100 metres away you could be mistaken for thinking it is just another Sandy 79 - and there were plenty of people doing a double take as they walked past it at the Brisbane Show.

The build of the Toyzuki is still ongoing, and it will be hitting the road to visit the major Sydney and Melbourne 4x4 shows and other events.

The most exciting part is that after its show duties the Toyzuki will be given away to one lucky person. Entry is free by simply heading to the Toyzuki page at www.toyzuki.com.au and registering your interest.


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